General terms and conditions

§1 General provisions

  1. By registering for a language course, a contract is concluded with Sprachschule Aktiv Passau. Registration can be made on the website through the online registration form or through the written registration form at the school or by fax. The registration for a language course is binding.
  2. With the booking of a course in face-to-face classes, the COVID-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) regulations currently valid at the beginning of the course must be observed. This includes the acceptance our hygiene concept: Hygiene plan of Sprachschule Aktiv Passau
  3. By registering, the customer agrees to pay the course fees in full before the start of the course. After consultation, payment by installments can be arranged. In case of payment by installments, the first installment is due before the beginning of the course. Payment can be made by bank transfer, PayPal, cash or card payment on site.
  4. The course duration of one hour is usually 45 minutes, for intensive courses in a small group the course duration is 60 minutes.
  5. Registrations, cancellations and other requests must be made in writing by e-mail or by post. Cancellation of a booked course must be made at least 7 days before the course starts. A later cancellation is not possible.
  6. Sprachschule Aktiv Passau books the necessary course rooms according to the requirements of the course.
  7. The courses are conducted by native speaking teachers. There is no entitlement to a certain teacher.
  8. Sprachschule Aktiv Passau makes every effort to arrange the course material in such a way that each participant can achieve the desired goal. However, the school assumes no liability if a language goal is not achieved or an exam is not successfully passed.
  9. The prices are shown without German sales tax. Should sales or value added tax be incurred abroad, this must be borne by the customer.


§2 Cancellation policy and special termination rights

  1. The contract can be revoked within fourteen days from the conclusion of the contract. For this purpose, the customer must send Sprachschule Aktiv Passau a clear declaration of intent in written form (letter sent by post, e-mail or fax).
  2. Consequences of revocation:

If Sprachschule Aktiv Passau has already provided services by the time of the revocation, the customer must pay a corresponding compensation, which corresponds to the ratio of the services already provided to the total service.

  1. The courses are booked for a predetermined period or for a certain number of hours. If the hours are not attended or interrupted, there is no right to a refund of the course fee. The legal right of withdrawal is not affected.
  2. If the course does not meet the expectations of the participant, he/she can cancel it within 24 hours after the first lesson (for private and corporate courses) or after the first course session (for intensive and evening courses). The cancellation must be made in writing.
  3. In exceptional cases, Sprachschule Aktiv Passau can change the teacher. A change of teacher does not entitle the customer to cancel the booked course.
  4. Failure to show up for a booked course is not considered a cancellation. If no written cancellation is made, the course fees must be paid in full.


§3 Regulations / Provisions for company and private courses

  1. In the case of company and private courses, the participants can arrange the dates with Sprachschule Aktiv Passau or with the teacher booked in each case.
  2. In the case of company and private courses, the participants themselves can decide on the number of hours. Once fixed, the number of hours is binding. If the booked lessons are not taken, the participant has no right to a refund.
  3. If the student is unable to attend the lesson, he/she is obliged to cancel the lesson 24 hours in advance. Thereby the appointment will be postponed, and the lessons will be made up. If this does not happen, the student has no right to have the lessons made up.
  4. Booked courses must be taken within one year.
  5. The courses can be transferred to third parties after consultation with Sprachschule Aktiv Passau. The course transfer must be made in writing.


§4 Provisions for evening courses

  1. The evening courses consist of 24 lessons, which are held regularly, on 12 pre-arranged dates.
  2. The minimum number of participants required for the evening courses is 4. With 3 participants, the duration of the course is reduced to 20 lessons on 10 dates. With 2 participants, the course duration is reduced to 16 lessons on 8 dates. The course fees remain unaffected.
  3. If the target number of participants is not reached, Sprachschule Aktiv Passau can cancel or postpone the course. If the course participant does not agree to a postponement, the paid course fees will be refunded.
  4. A rebooking of the course is possible in exceptional cases. The request must be made in writing.


§ 5 Provisions for intensive courses

  1. The intensive courses consist of 20 teaching units per week. Classes take place daily, Monday to Friday, with 4 lessons per day. There are no classes on public holidays, but the lessons are distributed among the remaining days of the week.
  2. A minimum of 4 participants is required for the intensive courses. If the required number of participants is not reached, the course will take place under the same payment conditions with a reduced number of lessons: with 3 participants: 3 lessons of 45 minutes per day; with 2 participants: 2 lessons of 60 minutes per day.


§ 6 Regulations / Provisions for German courses with visa certificate

  1. Upon request, Sprachschule Aktiv Passau can issue a visa certificate to course participants from abroad. For the issuance of this certificate, a binding registration for a German intensive course and the subsequent payment of at least 50% of the course fees is required.
  2. If the visa application is rejected, the customer will receive a refund of the course fee already paid, minus a 250.00 EUR processing fee, upon presentation of a rejection notice. The notice of refusal from the German consulate must be sent in writing (by e-mail, post or fax) to Sprachschule Aktiv Passau at least 5 working days before the start of the course, together with our certificate for the granting of a visa.
  3. The course participants who have requested a visa certificate from Sprachschule Aktiv Passau and have received a visa may not cancel the booked German course.
  4. If the course participant has not received any feedback on his/her visa application from the embassy up to 7 days before the start of the course, he/she can rebook the registration for 4 weeks to the next course date. The rebooking must be made in writing. This rebooking is possible twice.
  5. If the course is neither rebooked nor a visa refusal is submitted in time and the student does not show up for the booked German course, he/she is not entitled to a course rescheduling or a refund of the course fees. For the no-show the course fees for 4 weeks German Intensive Course will be charged.


§ 7 Provisions for trial lessons

  1. Sprachschule Aktiv Passau offers trial lessons without obligation. This is a voluntary service. In order to take a trial lesson, a booking via the registration form is necessary. In the field “remarks” the note “trial lesson” is entered.
  2. The trial lesson for private and company courses is 45 minutes. For intensive and evening courses, the trial lesson is the duration of one course session.
  3. If the customer registers for a course after the trial lesson, the lesson already held will be charged as a normal course lesson.
  4. If the customer is unable to attend a trial lesson that has already been arranged, the booked trial lesson must be cancelled in writing (by e-mail, post or fax). The cancellation of the trial lesson must be made at least 24 hours before the agreed date.
  5. If no cancellation is made or if the cancellation is made too late, the missed trial lesson will be charged as a normal course lesson at 42 euros.


§ 8 Vouchers

  1. A cash payment of vouchers is not possible.
  2. The vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue.
  3. The vouchers can be transferred to other language courses after consultation with Sprachschule Aktiv Passau.
  4. The above regulations for language courses remain valid for the redemption of vouchers.


§ 9 Disclaimer

  1. Sprachschule Aktiv Passau does not assume liability for damages, accidents, injuries of the course participants. Likewise, Sprachschule Aktiv Passau does not assume any liability for damage to property during lessons or on the way to and from school.
  2. The Sprachschule Aktiv Passau is also not liable for damages caused by the transfer of knowledge.